Lighting parts for ERTL/ AMT / PLATZ Enterprise "C", and Pro Shop Yamiguchi

Enterprise "C" and Ambassador Class clear color dyed lighting parts for the 1/1400 scale model kits made by AMT/ ERTL and now reisued by PLATZ (Japan) These polyurathane resin parts will fit alsol to the AMT Pro-Shop Clear Cast USS Yamiguchi. These parts are free of opticle distortions and alow an even glow thoughout the parts when using white LEDs or flexable EL Lamp sheets.

Used on Ambasador Class Vessles in the ST:TNG /DS9 Era
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Ambassador Class

Bussards and Deflector Parts

Fits to AMT/ERTL USS Yamiguchi. Pro Shop clear cast model. Also to the Enterprise “C” model to build Star Fleet vessels Ambassador Class appearing in episodes of ST:TNG and DS9. Crafted by Andy Henshaw
(2) Clear red resin Bussard Hydrogen Collectors (Shielded Covers) (1) Clear blue resin Main Deflector.

DLM18 AP Yamaguchi $11.50

USS Enterprise “C”

Bussards and Deflector Parts
Fits to AMT USS Enterprise “C” Retooled to get rid of optical distortions and casting flaws common to this kit. Allows for even glow of blue through out the Main Deflector
(2) Clear red resin Bussard Hydrogen Collectors (1) Clear blue resin Main Deflector.

DLM18.1 DLM Ent C $12.50

Ambassador Class

Warp Nacelle Engine Grills

Clear Blue transparent Warp Engine Nacelle Grills.(2) These clear cast grills helps spread blue light evenly throughout the transparent part. Lighting can be done with white LEDs, Mini Florissant's and thin sheets of EL Lamps.

DLM18.2 DLM Amb Ent C Warp Grills $15.00

Ambassador Class: Panel Painting Markings / Graphic Details Decal.

8.5 x 11 inch decal sheet of panel shades and markings of great detail. Ideal suited for builders of lighted Ambassador Class star ships. With illuminated windows. Saves a lot of time and patience for shaded panels, painted lines, Reaction Control Thruster arrays, hull sensor bands. When combined with the JT Graphics decal sheet of improved graphics and life pod decals this sheet of DLM decals will make your Ambassador Class the pride of Star Fleet before its ill-fated mission and your lighted Star Trek model collection.

DLM18.3 Ambassador / Ent C Panel Decal $15.00

Building and lighting tips to build a USS ENTRPRISE "C" By combining the AMT and Clear Cast Pro-Shop USS Yamiguchi are posted as a web article at:

Window masks with 3M blue masking tape. Exterior is painted with with light white coat of primer.
White and opaque black primers coats.
Black primer coat. Next mask the non lit windows with same sized tape.
Masking complete. Part now preped for circuits and assembly.
Windows masked here will light up.
Note small uniform rectangles of 3M blue tape.
Interior of windows masked also followed up with white.
Window Masks pulled away after painting.
Resin Parts for SFSM Vacumm-formed Kits
Impulse Engine Crystals and Housing
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Impulse Crystals and Backpack Deck

Survey Class Impulse Crystals. Fits to the 1/537 Vacumformed kit from SFSM (OOP) USS Grissum. The vac kit is a rare find but you can also retro fit it to your existing build up. $10.00

DLM-80 Impulse Crystals Survey Class (USS Grissum) $10.00

Pattern by Pat Sulwalski
Stargazer Lighting/ Detail Parts
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Constellation Class (USS Stargazer)

Resin Detail Fittings and Lighting parts

Constellation Class 1/537 Scale: Clear lighting parts and fittings for the SFSM Stargazer Vacummformed Kit (OOP) A full how to build and light it up article is located at the CultTVman older archives:

This item is low in inventory with 2 or 3 kits an hand or can be cast on demand. (Allow 1 to 2 weeks)

DLM-81 Constellation Detail and Lighting fittings $85.00

USS Carl Sagen
DLM Starfury Parts with Mad Men Lighting
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Revell/Monograms #85-362 Star Fury model kit

Clear colored lighting parts

Basic kit contains four (4) clear blue pieces for the aft thrusters. The modeler is required to remove material from the kits plastic Aft Thrusters parts and insert the replacement clear blue part. Lighting can be achieved by placing small lamps or LEDs behind the part which are available now in Bright Blue and now White.

Also provided is Clear Amber Colored Cockpit Tub. The modeler can selectively mask panels and opaque the part with black spray paint. Remove the masks then paint and detail the cockpit as they desire. For example small indicator lights can shine through the control panels by drilling small holes into the paint thus letting light shine through. Yellow LEDs mounted behind the cockpit are most effective lighting sources that give a soft orange glow in the cockpit tub area when lit. Instruction sheet included too.

Note:Electronic parts are not included with the DLM clear parts sets for the Star Fury. A complete LED lighting set is available by John Cook of Mad Man Lighting Inc.

DLM-13 Starfury Basic kit is $12.00

Deluxe Expanded option includes four (4) more smaller clear blue pieces for the front retro thrusters added to the above basic kit. With more innovation the model builder can wire in more options to have the front Retro Thrusters light up selectively through an off model control panel or timed IC circuitry thus giving the illusion of controlled piloted flight.

DLM-14 Starfury Deluxe Expanded kit is $17.00

The Babylon 5 Starfury Lighting Parts will be issued with a decal for the cockpit interior from now on. Also included is a instruction sheet and painting guide. A good resourse to help paint the interior are some excellent on the show set pictures of the studio prop located at Starship Modeler in the Babylon 5 section Located there are some fine pictures taken by master modeler Mark Dickson.

The link below will open a PDF download of the new instrction sheet. It is formated horizontal and can be printed out on legal sized 8.5 x 14 paper.

Click on Image to Enlarge
B5 Starfury Instruction sheet